Friday, December 6, 2013

I swear each day I wake I think okay today is going to run smoothly! Haha, funny when I hurry to get ready, finding myself looking so disheveled! I need to stop wearing my glasses, throw on some makeup and wear something other than a sweatshirt! I have no motivation to even bother now that I have just had my second daughter and feel like that extra 15 min of sleep is much more beneficial than looking pretty for 3 kids! I watch one other little boy as well. I'm getting spit up on, food all over me and who knows what else most days! I'm lucky if I remember deodorant!;) I'm really hoping that most moms feel this way too! Even though in my head I seem to think all other moms have it together and do their hair/makeup and all chores before 7am each morning!!! Breakfast is on the table and everyone swoons over mom at the table because she is awesome!!! This I hope is just a movie or I really suck at life! Most mornings is an argument what the kids want- my 2 yr old often wants chicken nuggets for breakfast!! I pride myself in the fact that we have never given her nuggets for breakfast lol! Daddy ends up making us breakfast while I try to wake up more over a second cup of coffee lol!! The day is followed with tantrums, crying, laughing and often times lack of naps which  leaves everyone bonkers! Me included! Then it's dinner time and I once again feel drained from the day, that a bowl of cereal seems perfect for our meal ;) hehe!! After we eat a real meal either made by myself, daddy or takeout it's a fight for bedtime. Since I had my second my 2 yr old fights bed time until 10pm!!!!' Keep your kids in a crib as long as possible for sleep!!Then the baby eats at 10:30 and oh it's 11pm and its quiet!!??? Now I want to be productive until 1am! Finally fall asleep and omg it's 6am again?!!!! Oh what a day!!!! Each and everyday ;)